About Olive

About Olive

Olive Mithai Vatika is based in Hyderabad, India. Though we have outlets in 15 prominent locations of Hyderabad, we offer door-step delivery services to 19 different localities across the city. You can get the widest variety of sweets and namkeens with high quality, purity, authenticity and taste at Olive Mithai Vatika. Dora Raju, the Founder-Chairman of Oliva Mithai Vatika has a profound fascination for different varieties of sweets, both Indian and South Indian. This cherished interest matured over time, and took shape as Olive Mithai Vatika, which is renowned for the best, lovable and most preferred sweets and namkeens. In a decade, Olive Mithai Vatika endeared itself to scores of individuals, families and corporate customers. The main specialty of Olive Mithai Vatika includes gift packs and custom sweet and namkeen assortments. We take bulk orders for parties, get-togethers.

weddings and celebrations. 

Our early success owes itself to our obsession to maintain high quality with right pricing. As the ingredients used in the preparation of sweets and namkeens are authentic, each pack of sweets and namkeens comes with an offer of original taste, and an all-enveloping flavor.   Authentic Preparation: All sweets and namkeens at Olive Mithai Vatika are prepared by experienced cooks and chefs. The ingredients (flour, milk, ghee, spices, condiments, dry fruits, flavors etc) used are ensured to be authentic and of high quality. By bringing in the expertise of experienced cooks and chefs, we could achieve the original taste and authentic flavor of each sweet and namkeen. Totally mindful of our customers’ perennial demand for the same taste and flavor, we have given no scope for any deviation.   We do not change our cooks or chefs, which means no scope for any taste or flavor alterations. The freshness, purity and taste of sweets and namkeens cannot be retained for long, if not for the strict adherence to use of original ingredients only. So, our seasoned cooks and chefs, and the use of authentic ingredients impart high quality, purity and authentic flavor to all our sweets and namkeens.

Pearl Pure Ambience: Olive Mithai Vatika entices and allures customers with its rich aura and aesthetic ambience.

Each outlet of Olive Mithai Vatika catapults you to a never-before seen artistic experience.   With all your choicest sweets and namkeens displayed in safe and pure environment,

leaves on you a memorable charm of a life-time. It is no exaggeration if we say that, once our customer, you remain to be so forever.

With purity, freshness and quality as our cherished ideals, we have ensured that all our outlets are safely sanitized and made customer-ready.

The pearl pure ambience arrests your attention and enhances the charm, taste and flavor of your choicest sweets and namkeens.

High Customer Satisfaction: Olive Mithai Vatika puts high focus on customer satisfaction. For us, customers and their satisfaction is everything.

There are many instances where customers visiting our outlets have almost instantly given accolades to our speckled ambience, tasty and authentic sweets and namkeens.

Our matured customer service includes prompt follow-up on customer queries and responses.

Our front office staff, sales boys and girls, supervisors and

cooks are trained in soft skills, attitude and interpersonal relations. Even little aspirations of customers like wise custom packing etc are attended to promptly.

We are too generous in meeting each customer’s longing for a homely, warm, memorable and pure ambience. Importantly, each customer’s satisfaction and

gratitude made us sustain excellence and made us to be the best sweets and namkeens producer in Hyderabad.