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General Questions

What is the basic objective of Olive Mithai Vatika?
Olive Mithai Shop, Hyderabad aims to offer the most fulfilling, relishing, sumptuous and highly tasty sweets and namkeens for every food connoisseur. Our authentic homemade ingredients add charm and grace to taste, and enhance the quality of our sweets and namkeens. This has made us to stand tall and sustain our precedence in the sweets and namkeens business in Hyderabad.
Who is the founder-chairman of Olive Mithai Vatika?
Doraraju, the Founder-Managing Director of Olive Mithai Vatika is a sweets connoisseur. His passion for the taste and flavor of different varieties of Indian and South Indian sweets and namkeens was immense and unparalleled. He remained not just a lover of relishing and sumptuous sweets, but went a step ahead to understand the basics of sweets making and the ways to enhance their purity, taste and flavor. Doraraju’s research took him to prominent cities of India, with different sweets and namkeens specially made in certain regions. He connected with prominent sweets and namkeen makers across India, and developed a network of cooks, chefs, producers and distributors. This has helped him to catch the pulse of the market, understand the changing customer’s demands of taste and flavor, and the wide variety of sweets and namkeens that are available in India. Within a short period of time Doraraju made Mithai Vatika as the leading sweets and namkeens outlet in Hyderabad. This would not have been possible if not for his research and good understanding of sweets and namkeens making in India and South India. On behalf of the management, Doraraju makes it a point to make all the favorite and choicest sweets and namkeens always available at Olive Mithai Vatika.
What are the three differentiators of Olive Mithai Vatika which make it stand tall with a unique identity?
• Authentic Preparation: All sweets and namkeens at Olive Mithai Vatika are prepared by experienced cooks and chefs. The ingredients (milk, ghee, spices, condiments, dry fruits, flavors etc) used are ensured to be authentic and of high quality • Pearl Pure Ambience: Olive Mithai Vatika entices and allures customers with its rich aura and aesthetic ambience. The pearl pure ambience arrests your attention and enhances the charm, taste and flavor of your choicest sweets and namkeens. • High Customer Satisfaction: Olive Mithai Vatika puts high focus on customer satisfaction. For us, customers and their satisfaction is everything. There are many instances where customers visiting our outlets have almost instantly given accolades to our speckles ambience, tasty and authentic sweets and namkeens.
What is the vision of Olive Mithai Vatika?
To become the preferred mithai vatika of food connoisseurs with an offer of authentic, high quality, tasty, flavor-rich relishing and alluring sweets and namkeens
What is the mission of Olive Mithai Vatika?
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What is so special about your kitchen?
The role of our experienced cooks and chefs, the use of top-class kitchen machinery, and adherence to use of authentic ingredients are definitely the three factors that have sustained our precedence for unmatched taste and most relishing sweets and namkeens.
  • Cooks & Chefs: Our cooks and chefs bring decades of experience in the art of making genuine Indian and South Indian Sweets. Each cook brings a strong passion to craft and excel at making of sweets and namkeens.
  • Kitchen Machinery: Olive Mithai Vatika puts high focus on the quality, purity, freshness, aroma and taste of each pack of sweets and namkeens produced. To ensure this, we have ensured that all sweets and namkeens are made at our outlets and served fresh for customers to choose.
  • Authentic Ingredients: Olive Mithai Vatika serves sweets and namkeens that holistically reflect the taste and flavor of India. All our sweets or mithai are made with original and high quality flour, sugar, nuts, legumes, and milk or khova.
Why are your signature sweets so greatly sought and renowned?
Sweets offer a Pan-India visibility, and speak about the social, cultural and economic integration of India. Even though some sweets are specific to specific regions of India viz. Rasgulla for Bengal, Kaja and Pootharekulu for Andhra, and Mysore Pak for Karnataka these sweets are available anywhere in India. All our sweets or mithai are made with original and high quality flour, sugar, nuts, legumes, and milk or khova. For genuine taste and authentic flavor quality ingredients like cardamom, rose water, or saffron are added. These ingredients make our sweets and namkeens to retain the original taste and aroma as they are used either dry or semi-hard, and soaked in milk or sugar syrup. With door delivery available to 19 locations in Hyderabad, our pure, tasty and richly flavored sweets and namkeens are within your reach. Some of your choicest sweets and namkeens available with us include, Motichoor Laddu, Dry Fruits Laddu, Kaju Kathli, Kaju Pista Roll and Kheer Kotham. Some of our luscious and signature South India sweets are Annamayya Laddu, Sunnundalu, Ariselu, Badusha, Bellam Boondi, Sugar and Bellam Pootharekulu, Bobbatlu, and Chandrakala.
You are known for luscious, crispy and heart-touching namkeens. What are your renowned namkeens that are the first choice of your customers?
Among the lucious and signature namkeens are Kaju mixture, Janthikalu, Kaju Pakodi, Kara Kaju, Navaratan Mixture, and Pepper Kaju. Make every moment of your life joyful, rich, jubilant and enthralling with an offer of our sweets and namkeens. With door delivery available to 19 locations in Hyderabad, our pure, tasty and richly flavored sweets and namkeens are within your reach.
You specialize in corporate gift packs. What are the distinguishing features of each corporate gift pack?
You can now surprise and enthrall your staff, clients and business partners with our custom designed and rich corporate gift packs. It may not be just to express your appreciation, but to share the feeling that you care. Each corporate gift pack features
  • Best assortment of your choicest sweets and namkeens
  • Sweets with authentic taste and rich flavor
  • Namkeens with an alluring and memorable taste
  • Custom designed and loaded with a variety of savories
  • Richly decorated package to match gifting with celebration
  • Sweets made with finest ingredients and crafted to perfection
  • Namkeens that are wholesome, crispy and spicy
  • Evoke deep memories of sensible and profoundly lovable savories
Do you undertake party orders?
At a competitive price point, great variety and pure ingredients, Olive Mithai Vatika undertakes all party orders for your choicest sweets and namkeens. We mean to deliver what we promise, in-time with quality and taste assured totally.